Welgevonden Boulevard was a very successful experiment. We wanted to create something special with a little more input than usual, but still within a reasonable budget. During the course of the project, it became clear that we would overspend, but each additional item turned out to be good value for money. We even furnished a section of the house that completed the project beautifully.

This plot, with its stunning views, was in our possession for quite some time and Red Atlantic had to design something a little bigger and more luxurious than the average home in this estate. They also had to create north-facing living areas on a small yard and had to ensure that they make the maximum use of the panoramic views. It was quite a challenge, but Red Atlantic’s designs exceeded our expectations for this three bedroom house with its en suite bathrooms.


The open-plan kitchen, dining and living area creates flow and space. A Black Falcon Elan stove, typical of the old AGA-style, is the centerpiece of the kitchen and white cupboards were installed to contrast the beautiful, black stove.  “Gray Oak” wooden sheets were used to bind the black and white in a stylish way. We decided not to install top cupboards in the kitchen, but only ornamental shelves in strategic locations.

Red Atlantic Architecture
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